An Unconventional Summer Afternoon Tea with Absolut Vodka at Lobby Lounge

Hong Kong, China – 18 August 2017 – Afternoon tea has evolved into something more conceptual o

ver the years. As a sense of occasion is built around creative food items, tasteful interior décor and exceptional experiences, the beverage remains a less explored territory. “The Spirit of this Summer”, the new afternoon tea promotion from Lobby Lounge pushes the envelope in this regard, launching colourful cocktails blended with Absolut vodka to celebrate the fun-filled summer holiday. The playful spirit will also make the food selections, as Hotel Pastry Chef Billy Yuen conjures up pastries infused with vodka in various flavours.

Food items on the afternoon tea stand are defined by a rich combination of fresh produce. The use of fruits and edible flowers adds refreshing tartness to the savouries and sandwiches. Char-grilled chicken focaccia with honey and citrus reminds diners of a summer barbecue in the woods. The intricate layering of textures in herbed salmon roulade with peach puree also gives patrons a lot to look forward to. Other pieces like classic crab cake and pear salsa, as well as marinated pork with sesame and mandarin sauce, squid ink brioche bun all exemplify the thoughtful construction of tastes.Those who crave additional alcohol thrill will be delighted to find that each of the desserts is made with vodka of a different flavour. The quintessential tropical drink is transformed into solid form as Mojito tart – the base of lime tart is topped by poached pear, mint leaves and Absolut Pear. The spirit is more strongly felt in Absolut Apeach Cosmopolitan Éclair. In addition to the alcohol-infused cream stuffed in the baked pastry, the confection is attached to a small tube of vodka and cranberry juice which pumps the cocktail- tasting liquid into the confection. The vodka range’s versatility is further demonstrated through Absolut Citron macaron, Absolut Mandarin and white chocolate martini gateau, and Absolut Kurant Collins mousse.

Something of particular note in this afternoon tea service are the cocktails specially prepared with Absolut vodka. Instead of a cup tea or coffee, guests can pick up an Absolut vodka based cocktail for a chillaxing experience. The options on offer include Absolut Vanilla, mixed with lychee liqueur, cranberry juice and fresh lychee, and Absolut Mandarin incorporated in beer, lemonade and orange zest. Absolut Pear is served extra-chilled, elevated by melon liqueur and pineapple ice pop to help guests evict the summer heat. Also featured are the flavours of Citron, Kurant and Apeach The time limited afternoon tea is priced at HK$298* per serving and HK$498* for a serving for two. Additional cocktails can be ordered at a discount price of HK$68* per glass. After a booze-filled meal, guests can take a bottle of miniature vodka+ of their favourite flavour away to extend the carefree holiday mood back home.

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