The Grand Unveiling of The Londoner Macao

STORY / Jun 14, 2024

The Grand Unveiling of The Londoner Macao

Macao pulsates with transformative luxury, and The Londoner Macao stands as its crown jewel. This reimagined haven, meticulously revitalized under Sands China Ltd. in 2021, transcends the boundaries of typical tourism. It curates an unparalleled symphony of luxury, effortlessly weaving together the vibrant spirit of Macau with the timeless elegance of London.

Step into a realm where history and heritage come alive. The Londoner Macao boasts meticulously recreated iconic landmarks, each a testament to the vision of the world's finest architects, builders, and artists. From the breathtaking, life-size 96-meter Elizabeth Tower to the imposing, regal Landseer Lions, every detail is an exquisite homage to London's rich past.

Beyond more replicas, The Londoner Macao captures the very essence of London. Walk iconic streets, marvel at recreated landmarks, and step aboard a classic double-decker bus – all meticulously crafted for an unforgettable journey into British heritage and opulence. Every detail is designed to leave you breathless.

Immersive Entertainments

Experience London's vibrant spirit at The Londoner Macao. Be captivated by live performances and parades, and be surprised and delighted by strolling "Streetmosphere" artists. Capture unforgettable social media moments with interactive "Londoner Moments" scattered throughout the resort, featuring iconic British themes and characters brought to life with state-of-the-art technology. The Londoner Macao offers a truly immersive journey into the heart of British charm, guaranteeing an experience filled with entertainment and lasting memories.

Elizabeth Tower: The Londoner Macao elevates your experience with a captivating multimedia show projected onto a life-size replica of the Elizabeth Tower. Witness Big Ben's face transform into a vibrant canvas, showcasing dazzling visuals that bring iconic London landmarks to life. Immerse yourself in a symphony of light and sound as the familiar chimes of Big Ben intertwine with a stirring musical composition, transporting you to the heart of London without leaving Macao.

Location: Level 1, The Londoner Macao Front Entrance

Opening Hours: Daily 24 Hours

Porte Cochere: The Londoner Macao's grand entrance, inspired by London's iconic Victoria Station, you'll be greeted by a stunning canopy of 441 glass panels bathing you in natural light. The intricate design and cobblestone paving transport you to historic London, offering a taste of luxury from the very first moment. Inside, discover the impressive Statue of Boadicea and Her Daughters, alongside the Diana the Huntress Fountain, adding a touch of cultural heritage to your unforgettable stay.

Location: The Londoner Macao Front Entrance

Opening Hours: Daily 24 Hours

Shakespeare’s Hall: Stunning with a three-story domed atrium echoing London's Royal Albert Hall. Walk on a grandiose black and white floor mirroring the original, while natural light streams from the translucent skylights. Look up to see playful flashing lights, a nod to London's vibrant theatre scene.

Location: Level 1, Sheraton Grand Macao Lobby

Opening Hours: Daily 24 Hours

Crystal Palace: Step into a marvel at The Londoner Macao's Crystal Palace. This light-filled haven, reminiscent of London's landmark, boasts stunning Victorian architecture and a captivating audio-visual presentation. Admire the intricate details, including a Buckingham Palace-inspired floor and 12 types of marble. Witness the "Changing of the Guard Ceremony" extravaganza, a multimedia spectacle recreating the iconic British ceremony with over 20 performers, special effects, and moving LED displays. This immersive experience, along with other captivating displays like the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain and "The Blue Boy" Painting, transports you to the heart of London, right within Macao.

Location: Atrium of The Londoner Macao

Opening Hours: 7.30 - 21.30 Closed on Monday

It's Tea Cup: Playful whimsy at The Londoner Macao's "It's Tea Time" installation. Ascend giant teacups, each meticulously crafted to resemble iconic London landmarks, for a truly unique experience. These 3.2-meter havens, adorned in vibrant hues and intricate details, offer a delightful respite and the perfect photo opportunity. Step inside and revel in the whimsical London-themed decor, featuring Shakespeare, Big Ben, and even the Crown Jewels. To further elevate the experience, charming "Streetmosphere" entertainers dressed as tea party hosts will be at your service, complete with hats, gloves, and playful accessories. Additionally, elegant high tea ladies, flown in from London and adorned in splendid attire, will join the festivities, ensuring an unforgettable adventure into the heart of British luxury and charm.

Location: Level 1, by St. Regis entrance at Apple Cotai Strip Promenade

Opening Hours: Daily 24 Hours

The Original 1966 London Bus: A nostalgic journey aboard The Londoner Macao's meticulously restored 1966 AEC Routemaster double-decker bus, a quintessential symbol of London's timeless elegance. This iconic red masterpiece offers more than just transportation; it's a luxurious sightseeing experience within the resort. Capture picturesque selfies with the stunning backdrop of The Londoner Macao's façade, the beautifully manicured gardens, and the vibrant Cotai Strip. Ascend to the upper deck for a breathtaking panoramic view, or relax in the lower deck's comfortable seating. This unique experience allows you to relive a piece of London's history while indulging in the unparalleled luxury of The Londoner Macao.

Location: Shoppes at Londoner, Main Entrance

Opening Hours: Daily 24 Hours

Black Cab Escape: Take a virtual ride through London with a star! The Londoner Macao's "Black Cab Escape" offers a unique meet-and-greet experience with a hologram of David Beckham, Sands Resorts Macao ambassador. Hop into an authentic black cab and embark on a 90-second journey through London's vibrant streets, guided by Beckham as he shares his favorite spots. The high-tech OLED screen

 creates a realistic experience, immersing you in the sights and sounds of the city. This fun-filled attraction, perfect for up to 3 guests, allows you to interact with the British superstar and experience London's charm from the comfort of The Londoner Macao.

Location: Level 1, Central Spine, West Entrance

Operating Hours: Daily 12.00 – 20.00 

Nelson’s Column: At the Shoppes at The Londoner Macao, a 12-meter-tall replica of Nelson's Column stands, honoring naval hero Admiral Nelson. Captured in aluminum-bronze, it reflects the iconic London landmark's details. Nelson, a legendary sailor, died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, a British victory. The replica's base, like the original, features bronze panels symbolizing captured French cannons.

Location: Shoppes at Londoner, Main Entrance 

Operating Hours: Daily 24 Hours

Londoner Light and Sound Spectacular: As dusk falls, The Londoner Macao transforms into a dazzling spectacle with the "Londoner Light and Sound Spectacular." This permanent attraction bathes the resort's 16,000 square meter façade in breathtaking hues and captivating visuals, accompanied by iconic British music like James Bond themes and Beatles classics. Over 10,000 lights bring London's charm to life, showcasing iconic symbols like black cabs, double-decker buses, and even the royal carriage. This nightly extravaganza on Cotai Strip offers stunning photo opportunities, with the prime viewing location being near the iconic London Bus at the Shoppes at Londoner entrance. Created by renowned artists, the show is a sensory feast of colors, patterns, and music, ensuring a mesmerizing experience for visitors of all ages.

Location: All Around The Londoner Macao

Opening Hours: Daily 6.30 – 11.30

Unparalleled Refinement 

Indulge in an odyssey of unparalleled refinement at The Londoner Macao, where opulence and sophistication intertwine to create an unforgettable experience.

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

Savor the culinary adventure at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill within The Londoner Macao. Chef Ramsay's mastery shines through in signature dishes like the legendary Beef Wellington, all presented with meticulous detail.  

The ambiance reflects 1830s industrial revolution elegance. A central bar sets the scene, while plush leather booths and wood paneling offer warmth. British flag colors and modern artwork complete the picture. Indulge in culinary artistry and charming British vibes at this unforgettable haven.

Location: Level 1, The Londoner Macao

Opening Hours: Daily 11.00 – 15.00 / 18.00 – 23.00 

Churchill's Table

The Londoner Macao presents Churchill's Table, where afternoon tea transcends tradition, blossoming into a truly immersive and luxurious experience. Within an exquisitely appointed space reminiscent of refined London life, guests can embark on a culinary journey of exquisite finger sandwiches, handcrafted pastries, and a curated selection of premium teas.

Each bite is an homage to culinary artistry, meticulously crafted and infused with the spirit of Sir Winston Churchill. From the delicate savories to the melt-in-your-mouth pastries, every detail is meticulously curated to tantalize the palate and create an unforgettable moment. Indulge in timeless elegance and forge lasting memories at the pinnacle of afternoon tea, exclusively at Churchill's Table within The Londoner Macao.

Location: Level 1, The Londoner Macao

Opening Hours: Daily 7.00 – 24.00

North Palace

The grandeur of Northern Chinese culinary traditions. Experience meticulously crafted dishes, each a testament to the region's rich heritage, served in a lavish and vibrant atmosphere.

The culinary theater as you witness show-stopping features, including a dramatic open fire pit for roasting whole lamb, rotisserie grills, and a dedicated duck oven area. This immersive experience promises an unforgettable foray into the heart of Northern Chinese gastronomy.

Location: Level 1, The Londoner Macao

Opening Hours: Daily, 24 hours

The Huaiyang Garden

The world of serenity and sophistication at The Londoner Macao's Song Fang. Inspired by the captivating allure of a Chinese garden, the restaurant offers a haven of secluded and intimate niches and sections, perfect for a relaxed and personalized dining experience. Private dining rooms provide a further level of exclusivity, ideal for intimate gatherings or special occasions.

Be mesmerized by the ultra-luxurious finishes that seamlessly blend contemporary elegance with traditional Chinese artistry. Delicate osmanthus motifs and cascading willow tree imagery create a calming ambiance that sets the stage for an unforgettable culinary journey. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and prepare to be captivated by Song Fang's exquisite offerings.

Location: Level 2, The Londoner Macao

Opening Hours: Sunday - Thursday 17.30 – 23.00 / Friday - Saturday 17.00 - 24.00 

Chiado Portuguese Restaurant 

Turn Back to Portugal's vibrant heart at The Londoner Macao's Chiado, where warmth and authentic flavors await. Savor iconic dishes like Bacalhau and Pastel de Nata, savored amidst the charm of Lisbon.

Helmed by acclaimed chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, Chiado's "Costa a Costa" menu takes you on a gourmet journey through Portugal's coastal bounty. From the Red Prawn starter to the Monkfish and Lobster Rice, each dish showcases Sá Pessoa's philosophy of "tasteful cuisine": refined flavors, flawless technique, and exceptional ingredients. Conclude with the inventive "Sea Flavours and Citrus" dessert, and embark on an unforgettable exploration of Portuguese culinary artistry at Chiado.

Location: Level 2, The Londoner Macao

Opening Hours: 5.30– 22.30 Closed on Tuesday

The Mews

A refined Thai restaurant led by the visionary Chef Nongnuch "Nuch" Sae-eiw. Chef Nuch takes you on an unforgettable journey through the diverse flavors of Thailand, expertly blending tradition with modern culinary artistry.

Expect an exploration of authentic tastes, each dish meticulously prepared with respect for age-old traditions. Chef Nuch's passion for originality shines through in exquisite plating and innovative techniques, creating a delightful symphony of flavors and textures. Prepare to be captivated by a truly unique and unforgettable experience at The Mews.

Location: Level 1, The Londoner Macao

Opening Hours: 6.00 – 23.00 Closed on Monday

Luxury Leisure

The Londoner Hotel

The Londoner Hotel offers a unique blend of contemporary British design and modern comfort. Recognized as a Five-Star hotel by Forbes Travel Guide, it features spacious suites, each designed to provide a personalized experience. Upon entry, guests are greeted by a playful foyer, setting the tone for an enjoyable stay.

Living areas are luxuriously appointed with soothing colors, classic moldings, elegant furniture, and a curated art collection. Bedrooms offer tranquility with plush beds, delicate headboards, and breathtaking views. Exquisite bathrooms feature Victorian-style bathtubs, roomy showers, and high-end amenities. Beyond the hotel, The Londoner Macao boasts a world of entertainment, world-class shopping, and captivating culinary experiences, making it a haven for those seeking unparalleled luxury and bespoke experiences.

Highlight Accommodations!

Louis Suite / Victoria Suite: Luxurious haven for two adults (and one child in the Louis Suite) with a king-bed (or two double beds) and a spacious 75 square meters. Indulge in an in-mirror smart TV and a relaxing OTO Q foot therapy seat within the suite's comfort.

Windsor Suite King / Windsor Suite Double: This expansive one-bedroom suite accommodates up to three adults and one child. It features a king-bed (or double beds), dining area, walk-in closet, 65-inch in-mirror smart TV, and an optional in-room gin trolley.

Suites by David Beckham: The Suites by David Beckham at The Londoner Macao. Nestled on the top two floors, these 14 bespoke havens, ranging from 113 to 298 square meters, mark Mr. Beckham's debut in global suite design. Collaborating with the award-winning David Collins Studio, each suite embodies the essence of British design, infused with David Beckham's signature style and sophistication. Be prepared to experience a unique blend of luxury, heritage, and contemporary flair.

The Residence: Exclusive British-style club for hotel guests. This 1,100 sqm haven offers a taste of quintessential British luxury. Inspired by London houses and celebrity homes, it features elegant rooms designed by Alan Chan Design Company. Expect an international breakfast, afternoon tea, light bites, and evening cocktails, all within a sophisticated and intimate setting.

Address: The Londoner Macao, Estrada do Istmo. s/n, Cotai, Macao SAR, P.R. China

Telephone: +853 2882 2878


In the dawn of 2024, Macao's luxury travel offerings continue to captivate travelers with their allure. Whether it's the lavish accommodations, extraordinary dining, thrilling entertainment, rich culture, or wellness retreats, Macao weaves a tapestry of opulence that goes beyond the gaming tables. As you explore the extravagant marvels of this region, you'll come to understand why Macao stands as a premier destination for luxury travelers seeking a world of indulgence and sophistication. Pack your bags and embark on an opulent journey that will leave you with cherished memories of Macao's allure.

Now, prepare to be enchanted by the myriad luxuries Macao has to offer in the luxurious landscape of 2024.

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